Review quotes
Cinderella …this witty, funny and thoroughly entertaining version of a familiar tale will have everyone leaving with a smile on their face… Jamie Jones as Chanel, making his debut with RWP, produced show-stealing delivery with magnificent poise and an outstanding stage presence – Love Midland Theatre
Cinderella.. This is a traditional telling, and one to which parents can take their children with confidence … “Is it funny?” The answer is an emphatic yes! – G Longdon, Behind the Arras
Peter Pan 2014 … one of the best flying scenes in a Peter Pan I’ve ever seen, great technical achievement – Alan Jones
Aladdin …Aladdin and his Magical Lamp” is full to overflowing with every pantomime treat you could ever wish for! – Ernie Almond BBC
Aladdin.. excellent performances, great singing and musical arrangements and a costume collection to rival any major budget production…..The company clearly have a lot of talent on hand – J Grant Behind the Arras
Snow White… If you put together all of the princes, princesses, dames and villains that pop up during panto season you’d probably be able to fill a rather large football stadium….Amid this plethora of panto it’s difficult to create something which stands out, but Frances Richmond does just that with a refreshing sprinkle of originality in this fun-filled, well-cast production of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs….This is a cast with considerable strength in depth…the story moves along at a nice pace with some inventive modern musical interludes..Another great, original family night out delivered by Frances Richmond – Love Midlands Theatre

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